Khám phá Ecolodge Mucangchai: Điểm nghỉ dưỡng hot nhất mùa du lịch năm nay


Nằm tại bản Hua Khắt, xã Nậm Khắt, Mù Cang Chải, Yên Bái – Ecolodge Mucangchai sẽ chính thức khai trương đón du khách từ ngày 15/7/2017. Bao gồm 7 phòng ngủ riêng biệt thiết kế tiện nghi theo phong cách sinh thái trong các nhà sàn đơn lập được đặt tên theo các loại cây đặc trưng của Mù Cang Chải như: Nhà Thông, nhà Lúa, nhà Chè, nhà Ngô, các phòng được thiết kế dành cho du khách ở một mình, ở 2 người và ở theo gia đình.

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Trên đỉnh đồi là nhà ngủ cộng đồng sức chứa lên đến 18 người, tầng một của nhà nghỉ cộng đồng là nhà hàng Sơn Tra với sức chứa lên đến 50 người. Điều đặc biệt tại Ecolodge Mucangchai là nhà sàn người Thái, mái nhà của người H’mông hoàn toàn hòa nhập với thiên nhiên núi rừng nơi đây.

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Mucangchai Overview
Mu Cang Chai is a country range of Yen Bai region, for North West area of Vietnam, which is close to 300 kilometers from Hanoi. All through late years, Mu Cang Chai has changed into an outstanding goal for vacationers, scientists and picture takers.

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Mu Cang Chai has 700 hectares of terraced rice fields, with 70 percent at three cooperatives: La Pan Tan, Che Cu Nha, De Xu Phinh. This standard social legacy of an ethnic minority was viewed as a national scene by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism of Vietnam. The delicate of Mu Cang Chai is the standard temperature all through the entire year is 18.5 Celsius degrees so when the nightfall comes, the region is blanked in dimness and makes vacationers feel they are in late winter of the lowland.

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Because of the scene’s steeply slanting geology, the terraced fields are tight; the capability between yards to patios is around 1m to 1.5m, requesting to keep the water sources on the land and ground for making rice on the slant of mountain. So Hmong individuals think an approach to manage keep water by make the land coast on the mountain to make the leveling rice patio fields.

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The Mu Cang Chai Tours The get point for the water source was taken from the source field upper focuses, for example, stream, and waterfalls where is essential is higher to overcome down the low inspirations driving rice yard handle, the couple used to bamboo tree that is cut section of it for an instrument of getting water into the fields, as indicated by Hmong People’s commitment of wearing out it, they get water into the standard porch by then make the water way to deal with second porch genuinely clamoring dealing with float, by then opening the portal in the fulfillment of buoy. That experience to keep up a fundamental division from the flooding and wash the dirt indulgence.

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Moreover, to make the condition of each land apportion, individuals rolls out the improvement of each yard by water that individuals will raise a high place that is bounced on the buoy and moved down to the bog so the fields consolidating slants are water level and a similar stature, making the awesome rice patios of the mountain. Mu Cang Chai rice yard fields is an attestation y to the masterstroke of human hand – Hmong People in the update of nature, to make a novel stunning scene of North-Vietnam “Mu Cang Chai Rice Terrace Field”. In the beginning late years, Mu Cang Chai has been one of remarkable Vietnam Tours to visit an uncommon place in the north of Vietnam, especially the rice accumulate coming toward the start of the first – 10 October of the year when it is the best time to visit Mu Cang Chai.

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Getting tours to Mu Cang Chai from Hanoi
Mu Cang Chai is well known for the connect of hazardous paths spreading out for tens kilometers of interminable and primitive scenes, affected degrees of mountains and the quiet and smooth photo of ethnics’ homes secured by yard fields. Mu Cang Chai is found 180 kilometers far from Yen Bai city.

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Getting brisk to Mu Cang Chai from Hanoi, you can take neighborhood transport, private auto or motorbike.


Motorbike for rent at Nghia Lo and Mu cang chai

Time information bus station Ha Noi to Mu cang chai

Homestay In Nghia Lo town

This heading will show to you industry rules to get to Mu Cang Chai from Hanoi and return.

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1. Travel to Mucangchai with Motorbike

On the off chance that you are a pioneer, motorbike is a not all that awful choice. There is a National Highway No.32 interfacing Lao Cai and National Highway No.37 collaborate with Tuyen Quang. Yen Bai is a travel exhibit for visitors going Mu Cang Chai.

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2. Open transport from Hanoi to Yen Bai

Division Hanoi – Mu Cang Chai is 280km. The course condition is awful so you need to take around 1 day to land by transport. It’s ideal to check your landing day. You can purchase tickets at My Dinh station (in the event that you will begin from Hanoi) Colum 37 take a bus My dinh to Nghia Lo, transit here…

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3. Prepare from Hanoi to Yen Bai city and take transport to Mu Cang Chai town

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The trains for the most part pull back around evening time (7:40PM, 8:35PM, 9:10PM, 9:50PM) and touch base in Yen Bai prepare station in the early morning (4 – 5 hours).

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Hanoi station has two passages. The fundamental passage masterminded at 120 Le Duan road, Hoan Kiem region, Hanoi. This Gate is generally speaking for South-bound arrangement. In addition, the Station B orchestrated at Tran Quy Cap road, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi (generally speaking for North prepare to Sapa, Yen Bai).

1.Phòng private room – double/twin 60$, phòng triple phụ thu 20$(Giá đã bao gồm ăn sáng, coffee, hoa quả trong phòng theo ngày, nước uống trong phòng theo ngày, hoa quả bánh kẹo).Mỗi phòng rộng 20m2.

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2.1 The package rate
Accommodation type Package price per person
2 days – 1 night 3 days – 2 nights
Twin-shared Single supplement Twin-shared Single supplement
Communal house on stilts 50 US$   70 US$  
Valley view bungalow 70 US$ 15 US$ 95 US$ 30 US$

2.2 Inclusion

• Private bed (House on stilt) or Private room with ensuite (for Bungalow)

• All activities are mentioned in specific itineraries

• Local guide (cannot speak English)

• Entrance and sightseeing fees

• Full board: 1 lunches, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast (for 2 days 1 night) and 2 lunches, 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts (for 3 days 2 nights)

• Free Wi-Fi at Mucangchai Ecolodge

• Welcome drink

• 2 bottles of water in rooms daily

• Seasonal fresh fruit (for Bungalow rooms only)


3.1.1 Room rate by room type
Room Type Room rate per night
Single Twin / Double Extra bed
Communal house on stilts ( By usd) 25 60  
Valley view bungalow(by usd) 55 80 17


Inclusion: Breakfast ; Free Wi-Fi ; Welcome drink ; 2 bottles of water in rooms daily ; Seasonal fresh fruit (for Bungalow rooms only)

Exclusion: VAT invoice, Land transfer Hanoi – Mu Cang Chai – Hanoi ; Activities ; trekking and walking ; Gratuities and other personal expenses

Surcharges on Festive

Surcharge of 20 US$ per adult guest, 10 US$ per child from 6 to 11 years, FOC for child under 6 applied on: New Year’s Eve (31 Dec), Christmas Eve (24 Dec)

Children policy

Child above 11 years old will pay the same rates as adult.

One child (6 – 11 years old) maximum per room and only if sharing a room with maximum of 2 adults, extra mattress will be set up. A surcharge of 10 US$ / 1 child is applied (for Bungalow room).

One Child (6-11 years old) stay in Communal house on stilts will be charged 65% of adult rate.

Free of charge for child under 6 years old, in parents’ room and using existing bedding. Baby cot is sometimes not available and must be informed in advance.

3.2 Meals

For guests who stay at Mu Cang Chai Ecolodge

Lunch        : 13 US$

Dinner            : 15 US$

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Plan arrives Yen Bai in the early morning. It’s sensible to hold up until the late morning to stroll around this zone.

Transport from Yen Bai city to Mu Cang Chai Town.You should wake up before timetable, around 4:30 AM as you require breakfast before getting on a near to transport that leaves at 5.30 AM to Mu Cang Chai Town.

kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-7 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-5 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-4 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-3 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-2 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-1 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-9 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-12 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-18 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-19 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-21 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-22 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-20 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-41 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-37 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-38 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-36 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-35 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-34 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-33 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-32 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-31 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-30 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-29 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-28 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-27 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-26 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-25 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-24 kham-pha-Ecolodge Mucangchai-diem-du-lich-nghi-duong-hot-nhat-tai-mu-cang-chai-23

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